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Not Great

This is a very simple game with little point besides a high score. This game does this well but the simple gameplay is waaaaaay too simple. There is some time-wasting merit but that’s all you can get out of this app.


they didnt change much from the iphone version.. and for some reason, when you open the app the first level on normal is the same as the movement of the iphone app, but after that it changes to a new pattern. hopefully the updates bring improvements but so far its an okay time waster with an attractive price tage

Fun for about 60 seconds

A simple game, and not a bad idea, but it completely loses its appeal after only a minute or two. The little tada music it plays when you lose gets really irritating.

Not very good

I found that it freezes in the middle of the game and the tada when you lose is very annoying. It was sort of interesting at first but then the appeal dissapeared.


There should really be a high score table so we can know what score we have to beat in each level!

Finally - Most Addictive Game on the Mac!

I am the developer of the Most Addictive Game series and Im glad to finally bring it over to the Mac App Store! This is the game that is meant to be played on the Mac where you can finally use your mouse to play this silly and addictive game! Please leave a review if you like it! Thank you so much for playing! Stay tuned for more features!

Great Title... this game really is addictive!!!

I rarely write reviews on games or software that I purchase however after purchasing and playing this game I had to come back and write a review so others can know exactly how great this game is! The object of the game is to keep the red square from coming in contact with any of the other objects as well as the walls. All four objects are moving and bouncing off the walls. You must move the red square out of the way from being hit by any of the other objects by simply clicking and dragging it around on the board. You are continuously dragging this red square around the playing area during the entire game trying hard not to let it touch the sides or any of the other objects. The game begins as soon as you click on the red square and move it. It sounds easy right? Well that is what I thought until I played it for the first time! My game lasted about 1.5 seconds. Then I immediately thought to myself… this is much harder than it looks! I just kept on playing it repeatedly. The more I played it, the better I got at keeping it from hitting anything, and my times kept getting better and better. This game takes very good hand and eye coordination! You must feel very comfortable with your mouse in order to be good at this game! That is for sure! If you are like me then once you start playing this game then you will not be able to stop, or at least until you have a good game. This is my second day playing the game and my current high score on the normal level is 18.61 seconds. So this gives you something to try to beat. Trust me this is not as easy as it looks and just like the title says… it is very addictive!

Name Says it ALL!

Great game and it really is addictive. Thanks.

Good but could be better...

Ive always been a huge fan of this game on iOS but to see it come for Mac, free, thats epic. However, ot could be improved by adding a scoreboard or ranking system to see how well you fared against other players... Appart from that great game!

dont ever get this game

i hate this lousy game i have a mac book and apparently my schreen is too small even if i click on the plus sign i only get half the image and it is so stinkin slow!!!):


At first I played the game wrong. There arent any instructions and I begun to write a bad review. But after reading a review I figured out how to play. Just keep the red block away from the blue ones. Plain. Simple. If you are one of those people who are very competitive and have a friend who has this. I recommend getting it and beating your friend. If youre just looking for something to keep you occupied for hours. DONT GET THIS. Its boring and, yes, its good for a while. BUt a person can watch blocks move around for only so long. Not the MOST ADDICTING game ever.


Mediocre, easy game. Ive played it a a hundred times through various flash game websites, its nothing impressive. Not addictive.

battery killer

fun, simple and free. but it somehow kills my batt? im confused how such a simple program could cut my batt life in half?

Challenging but very simple

This is a challenging game, and its easy to pick up and play. It could be considered addictive if you get enjoyment out of increasing your top score. There are a few areas where the game could use improvement, though: 1) Its too simple. It looks like it only took a few days to program it! Adding some backgrounds or different shapes or sounds would be nice. The scoreboard is strangely missing... 2) It seems to lag sometimes, which reduces the difficulty since the shapes move slower...this doesnt really make sense as such a simple game should not be resource-intensive... Its not bad, but really not worth paying for. Get it while its free.

One of the best games EVER

I thought this game was going to be boring but i LOVE is amazing

Joe Bayham

The blue squares move the exact same spot all the time so it is easy to score a high score on the extreme or whatever it is called. I think i got around a 9 second time. Just practice.

Littlerally the most addictive game!

I love this game! its is like crazy addicticting and it can get me hooked on the computer for hours!


This is a pretty lame game. Ill give it a solid B-


its not addicting

very EASY

either this game is easy or am I so good at it. thats why am gonna give it 3 stars for not having a very hard mood

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